MQS - co-founders

Next-generation quantum chemistry simulation platform for drug development. Exit Year Multiple IRR 2022 x 1.4 24.4% Buyer TA Associates, Name 2 Molecular Quantum Solutions accelerates pharmaceutical and chemical industries by providing a quantum software platform for calculating thermodynamic properties of molecules. Status Founded HQ Active 2019 Denmark Investment Vertical Theme 2023 Quantum Computing Deep Tech […]

Calculo Capital

Calculo Capital - logo

Algorithmic commodity trading based on AI. Exit Year Multiple IRR 2022 1.2 x 4% Buyer Management buy-back Calculo Capital is an alternative investment fund with a specialized trading platform for commodity trading. Status Founded HQ Exit 2018 Denmark Investment Vertical Theme 2019 Algorithmic Trading Deep Tech Co-Investors Name 1 Name 2 Visit Website Linkedin Why […]

Donkey Bike

Donkey Republic - logo

App to locate, book, and rent bikes easily. Exit Year Multiple IRR 2021 1.0 x 0% Buyer IPO Donkey Republic is a Copenhagen-based bike-sharing company with more than 13,000 bikes across 60 cities in 14 countries. Status Founded HQ Exit 2014 Denmark Investment Vertical Theme 2017 Mobility Sustainability Co-Investors Name 1 Name 2 Visit Website […]


Unsilo - logo

AI tools for publishers. Exit Year Multiple IRR 2020 3.2 x 21% Buyer Cactus Communications Ltd UNSILO provides AI tools and solutions for publishers to grow new business opportunities and improve customer experience and publishing workflows. Status Founded HQ Exit 2013 Denmark Investment Vertical Theme 2013 AI Deep Tech Co-Investors Name 1 Name 2 Visit […]


Qunatica Founder

Enabling a wide range of material printing with the next-generation 3D print head. Exit Year Multiple IRR 2022 x 1.4 24.4% Buyer TA Associates, Name 2 Quantica delivers high-performance, multi-material additive manufacturing, combining a wider range of materials in a single process. Status Founded HQ Active 2016 Germany Investment Vertical Theme 2020 Additive Manufacturing Deep […]