Meeting Package - Team

Redefining the hospitality industry with seamless online venue booking experiences.

Players 1st - team

Software for golf clubs operators to optimize key revenue drivers.

MQS - co-founders

Next-generation quantum chemistry simulation platform for drug development.

Mazepay - founder's team

Payment and invoice management system for global corporations.

Software for faster and better candidate placement for staffing agencies.

Next generation tools for developing digital therapeutics.

Alphin - Founders

Software for businesses to automate customer lifecycle management.

Work management tools for agile project coordination.

Collo Founders

Analytics to measure and optimise any liquid process to save water and and reduce waste.

Qunatica Founder

Enabling a wide range of material printing with the next-generation 3D print head.

NewBanking - Founders

Data collection and due diligence workflow in one system.

Solution for healthcare organizations to personalize care delivery.

Airtame team

Wireless screen-sharing platform for classrooms and meeting rooms.

Platform for daily healthy breaks for companies to improve employees’ well-being.

Social projects

A non profit that works to empower vulnerable women through prevention programs.