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Redefining the hospitality industry with seamless online booking experience.

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Exit Year Multiple IRR
2022 x 1.4 24.4%
TA Associates, Name 2

MeetingPackage is a one stop shop for taking booking an event into the 21st century.

Status Founded HQ
Active 2016 Finland
Investment Vertical Theme
2023 Hospitality Tech Future of Work
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Name 2
Why did we invest in MeetingPackage?
We invested in Players 1st because it is a great combination of an experienced and charismatic team working in a blue ocean market niche with a strong product that adds a lot of value to customers. They have managed to build an impressive customer base of +3000 clients globally and created +10M surveys over time that have been used by +3.5M golfers. Players 1st has a unique position in the market and many opportunities to expand geographically and vertically.

“Joonas and the team at MeetingPackage have demonstrated an impressive understanding of the key problems of the hospitality industry and how to solve them. From the first meeting, they have impressed us with their ability to execute, and provide a very clear value add to the customers.”

Terkel Douglas
Associate @ Scale Capital

What does MeetingPackage do?
Meetingpackage delivers three distinctive software solutions to hotel and event-managers, allowing them use MeetingPackage as a one-stop-shop for all their Meetings and events needs. The three elements of the MeetingPackage platform are

1. Venue Sales Management (VSM) to manage Meetings & Events sales & operations.
Allows the hotels to handle bookings, both offline and online and integrate with their main property management systems.

2. Online Booking Engine (BE) to sell meeting rooms and services through a venue’s website.
Making meetings and event spaces as easily bookable as a hotel room is today, directly on the hotels website.

3. Channel Manager (CM) to get in front of thousands of meeting bookers globally.
Allows hotels and event spaces to integrate their venues to global marketplaces for meetings and events, leading to increased visibility and bookings.
The tool features automated supplier onboarding, invoice management, cash flow management and is made in partnership with Mastercard in order to simplify B2B purchases, payments, and compliance through business cards. With Mazepays solution, corporates can simplify their payments via virtual cards and ensure transparency, compliance, and efficiency when it comes to long-tail spend.

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