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Blossom is a non-profit that works to empower vulnerable women through prevention programs.

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Exit Year Multiple IRR
2022 x 1.4 24.4%
TA Associates, Name 2

Blossom is based on volunteer social work and its desire is to create change for women in vulnerable situations and in society.

Status Founded HQ
Active 2016 Denmark
Investment Vertical
2016 Social Entrepreneurship
Name 1
Name 2
Why did we invest in Blossom?

Scale Capital supports non-profit projects and social entrepreneurs that improve opportunities for socially vulnerable people and communities.

Blossom was founded in 2016 by Tine Christensen while living in San Francisco. The idea for the project came about when Tine was overwhelmed by the many homeless people on the streets of San Francisco and decided to start a project that could make life on the streets a little easier for women experiencing homelessness.

The Danish branch was established in 2018.

Apart from contributing to the board, Scale Capital offers financial support and network. We are not equity investors, as the organization is a non-profit organization.


What does Blossom do?
Blossom is an NGO with more than 200 volunteers who together spend more than 15,000 hours per year on prevention programs. In Denmark, Blossom runs the Blooming Room project and the mentor program “Kvinde-til-kvinde” for women with a minority ethnic background. Blossom also facilitates the projects Heart Room and WeCare for women in homelessness and women who are or have been victims of prostitution and sex trafficking.
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