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Analytics to measure and optimize any liquid process to save water and reduce waste.

Collo - Founder Team
Exit Year Multiple IRR
2022 x 1.4 24.4%
TA Associates, Name 2

The Collo sensor technology enables inline real-time measurements of liquids, providing a “digital fingerprint” of liquids at different levels of viscosity.

Status Founded HQ
Active 2017 Finland
Investment Vertical Theme
2021 Sensors / IoT Industrial Tech
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Name 2
Why did we invest in Collo?
A lot of industrial processes have not yet been digitalized. As Industry 3.0 unfolds, sensor technologies will play an increasing part in delivering better measurements for faster and more informed decisions.

Collo is offering an in-line solution for a range of industry applications, and the company’s technology is superior to existing solutions in a number of ways that sets it a part from competition. The technology helps plant owners reduce water, waste and energy, which is crucial for the green transition and zero carbon goals.

“With technological development and increasing environmental concerns, solutions like Collo help companies to adapt to the inevitable change in the manufacturing industry. As the analyzer is applicable to nearly any liquid process, the company has large growth potential in the near future.”

Joachim Schelde
Senior Associate @ Scale Capital

What does Collo do?
A real-time, comprehensive view of the state of liquid is the basis for smarter process decisions. The platform allows for optimization of the use of raw materials, energy, and chemicals, and has the potential to reduce consumption by up to 50%, both improving margins and combatting climate change.
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