Scale Capital Fund II is open for new investors.

We invite institutional, corporate and private investors to join us, investing in technology startups across the Nordic region. You invest in a portfolio of carefully selected growth companies to help spread the risk and increase chances of higher returns.

The final investor round will close on February 25 2021. Please contact Lars Jensen,, for subscription information. 

In the current business and economic climate, it has become increasingly difficult to find returns, with the equity and real estate markets being uncertain and with interest rates being at historic lows.

However, the digital transformation and disruption through AI, algorithms and robotics is still in its infancy, and this provides tremendous opportunities for investing in business ventures that help transform the way we work and live in the future. We invest early to capture the greatest upside potential.

Our team invests alongside you, with our own capital at stake, and we approach new investment opportunities very diligently, which includes a detailed assessment and preinvestment phase to insure value and fit.

We only invest the capital that is necessary to support the growth plans, to minimize the dilution of all parties. Additionally, we keep the fund overhead and fees low to maximize returns.


Scale Capital has a proven track record of investing in high-performing technology companies; creating an equity value of 3.9x in Fund I. We are welcoming investors into fund II, where we are building a portfolio of 10-12 emerging technology companies in the Nordic region.

Investor Disclaimer

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Experienced team

Our team has a solid investment track record in the Nordics, and our investment approach is diligent and hands-on. We are playing an active role in driving performance and scaling of portfolio companies.

We partner with top-tier advisers and tech entrepreneurs to select the best technology companies in the Nordics

Diversified investment

Our investors (LPs) are Investing into a portfolio of early stage companies, where the risk is balanced according to the traction of the individual company and the potential across the portfolio.

Attractive returns

We invest early to capture the greatest upside as value is created.

The fund targets a 3x return on the invested capital with an IRR above 20% net.

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