On entrepreneurship

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Scale Capital Funds Unsilo, Democratizing Access to Scientific Research

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Airtame ready for the next chapter (in Danish)

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Announcement of a two-year collaboration agreement between Blossom Project and Scale Capital.

San Francisco, April 10th 2017



My Company Raised Over $1 Million on Indiegogo — And It Almost Killed Us

We were almost a victim of our own success.


Danish Search Engine to Silicon Valley

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Cylindo raises $1M

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Be My Eyes – helping blind see

Be My Eyes is an app that connects blind people with volunteer helpers from around the world via live video chat.

Why Nordic startups fail to raise VC money in Silicon Valley

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Venture-veteraner klar med ny millionfond: 12 investeringer er blevet til 7 frasalg siden 2012

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Siri Ex-Product Lead Raises $1M For Unsilo, A Semantic Search Engine

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Cylindo enters the US

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Infosys invests in Unsilo

Infosys Innovation Fund invests in Unsilo to help build the future of AI and Semantic search.

Airtame er en multikultural arbejdsplads

Hos Airtame er vi nu 87 medarbejdere. 23 bærer dansk pas, resten af de 64 ansatte fordeles blandt 27 andre nationaliteter.

En ud af seks ansatte hos Airtame er startet i praktik