Success is not a
random process

We partner from seed to exit and work closely with founders thoughout the different phases of scaling and internationalization.

Who We Are

Our mission is to invest in high-performing founders and help build truly scalable, sustainable and global companies. We invest in honest and hardworking teams with innovative solutions.

We are a small, integrated, high-performance team that understands the entrepreneurs’ journey as we have been down that road ourselves. We know how to listen and when to step in.

Our hands-on experience in bridging Nordic companies to the US is built on a decade of internationalization know-how. We are company builders focused on scaling businesses and empowering change.

What We Believe

To us, the most important thing for a company is to solve real and meaningful problems by offering impactful and disruptive solutions that are founded on sound principles.

The entrepreneurs we work with are persuasive change-makers who build frontier technologies to realize the promise of Industry 4.0. Our purpose is to back the winners of tomorrow.

We believe great investing comes down to relationships rather than transactions, which helps us form strong and lasting partnerships with our companies and collaborators.

We also believe that impactful and profitable investing is a consequence of deep conviction, which guides us towards the sectors, technologies, and businesses where we can add the most value.

In all things we do, actions speak louder than words. We treasure integrity, transparency, and mutual compatibility, and we value working with founders for several months to secure alignment before investing.

What We Look For

We invest in digitization, disruptive technologies and services within B2B. We are a sector agnostic tech investor across non-life science industries with an opportunistic approach, however, invest only where we can add value.

As a people-centric fund, we partner with experienced founder teams with high levels of integrity, drive, leadership skills and market insights. We prefer to invest in founders that are majority shareholders.

We look for fast-growing businesses with proprietary solutions that operate in SDG-aligned markets. More specifically, we look for great scalability, recurring revenue, good timing, and strong capital efficiency.

We primarily invest in companies in the Nordic region with the potential and ambition to win in the US market. Occasionally, we invest in businesses that are situated in other European countries or in North America.

As an early stage fund, we invest at the growth inflection point between the Seed and Series A round and deploy $500k-$1.5M initially. On an opportunistic basis, we invest in secondaries post Series A.

How We Work

We are an engaged, active partner that takes a diligent approach to helping our companies solve difficult problems and deliver great value. To us, success is not a random process; it is hard work.

In our work, we bring more than just capital; we bring internationalization know-how, differentiated domain knowledge, and access to crucial stakeholders. We are curious and seek to challenge.

Contrary to some other investors, we see great value in ensuring mutual compatibility and securing alignment by working with the founder team for three months or more before investing. We call this our “kissing period”.

As a selective investor, we have the bandwidth and insight to cultivate our companies’ competitive advantages and ensure they are sustainable. In all, our passion is to see founders succeed and build global, truly impactful and valuable businesses.

What We Strive For

Honesty above consideration

Facts above emotions

Outcome-focus above process

Humbleness and hard work above good intentions

Self-awareness above self-confidence

Win-win above winning

Integrity and transparency above all